The [Aspiring] Author

my name is liz.
i'm married to my dream man.
i have two adorable little boys named gehrig and logan.
i like to write.

i am addicted to cloth diapers.
i grew up in singapore.
i have three older siblings.
my birthday is may 16.
i have eleven (going on twelve) nieces and nephews.
i love the color brown.
i used to have an '89 geo tracker named blue32.
now i have a white gmc jimmy named chuck norris.

i watch way too much dora the explorer and nihao kailan, but i can't get enough phineas and ferb.
i'm a city girl.
i am a disappointed LOST outlaw.

i am a disappointed LOST fan.
i have a thing for names.
my niece, mandie-beth, is named after me.
i have a masters degree.
i used to spend a lot of time reading (before i had kids).
i love kids.
i'm trying to become ambidextrous.
i'm a black belt in tae kwon do.
i want a lot of kids.
i love giraffes.
i think 5 o'clock shadows are hot (lucky me, my husband has a 5 o'clock shadow at 12 o'clock :drool:).
i like jeans.
i'm not amazingly fond of airplanes, but i would ride one for three days if it meant i was going home.
i like to sing.
i like being back stage.
i married a guy named michael.
i like to knit.
i enjoy building websites, but i'm not too thrilled with keeping them up to date.
i kind of like cursive.
my two biggest weaknesses are shoes and chocolate chip cookies.
i believe you shouldn't listen to christmas music before thanksgiving.
i love to drive a stick shift.
my son is named after lou gehrig, the best baseball player ever.
i'm a discouraged avid skater (again, no time since the kids).
i tend to be organized.
i love thrift stores.
i wanna be different.
my goal in life is to be the mother of a lot of kids, writing teen fiction in my spare time.
i'm a missionary kid and proud of it.
i'm 5'6", but i wish i were shorter.
i'm a stickler for the subjunctive mood.
i have blue eyes.
i was homeschooled with a.c.e.
i am a golden retriever with beaver tendencies.
i survived hurricane ivan.
i like poetry.
i'm always early.
i think "the reason" by hoobastank is an awesome song.
i have a best friend who is my kindred spirit.
i love to eat mee goreng, kuey teow, chicken rice, nasi lemak, and hot plate tofu.
to kill a mockingbird is one of my favorite books.
i'm totally into fonts.
i adore my family.
i'm not fond of art classes.
i think psalm 139 is beautiful.
i'll take pepsi over coke any day.
i get emotionally attached to pens.
i have dimples.
i'm a big dickens fan.
and, finally, yes, i do know i'm weird.